What is Pitchlandia all about?

Portland entrepreneurs are makers at heart. We make things, and we make things happen. Pitchlandia is Portland’s own crowd-crafted pitch event.

How does it work?

20 startups make their pitch. The crowd makes its choices. The top 10 startups receive equal funding.

When did the first Pitchlandia take place?

Tuesday, May 27th from 5:00-10:00pm at OMSI in Portland, Oregon.

When will you be doing this again?

Good question… Follow us on Twitter & sign up for our email newsletter (found on the homepage) and we’ll let you know.

What types of startups can be part of Pitchlandia?

The type that has a good idea. Pitchlandia is open to entrepreneurs in different industries, with very early stage ideas who are able to work fulltime for three months to build their startup.. Actually, being different is a good thing in our book.

How can my startup be a part of this?

When we announce that we’re accepting applications, apply with our online application and we’ll get back to you.

How much funding is there to be had?

The amount received during the campaign (minus production costs) is the pie to be split, possibly with some ice cream from our sponsors.

Who is crazy / dedicated enough to organize Pitchlandia?

Please see our team page.

How can I stay in the loop about Pitchlandia?

Follow @pitchlandia on Twitter, sign up for email updates, and keep your eyes and ears open as you wander around Portlandia!

How can I support Pitchlandia?

Here’s your menu of options:

  1. Pitch your idea!
  2. Spread the word about this event in Portland and beyond!
  3. Back our Crowd Supply campaign!
  4. Contact us to become a sponsor!

How are the funds awarded to the winners?

The funds awarded to the winning contestants are in the form of an equity investment.
Download the documents below for specific information regarding the investment:

I have even more questions! How can I contact you?

Email us at info@pitchlandia.com.

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