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The world’s first completely crowd-sourced, crowd-based and crowd-selected startup pitch event.

On May 27th, a total of 20 Oregon idea stage startups from a cross-section of industries presented their ideas at OMSI. Ten of them received an initial seed funding. What made it even more special was that the crowd who contributed to the initial fund decided which 10 made the cut.

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20 incredible startup ideas and the crowd picks the 10 winners. Period.

A one-day event, Pitchlandia will provide investment and support to local idea stage companies from a cross section of industries (that includes food, beverage, apparel, retail, health, and yes, tech).

You may have heard that Portland has a reputation of being different. Pitchlandia wholeheartedly embraces that. No judges, no grand prize, no exclusive limitation to one industry. Instead the companies, pitches, funding, and the votes are all driven by you and your fellow Portlanders.

Each company will have a few minutes to pitch and a few minutes for questions from a panel and the audience. You can also meet the founders and idea generators at their tables in the lobby before and in between the pitch sessions. At the end, each attendee gets to mark a ballot with 10 or fewer choices, ballots will be counted, and funding will be awarded, right then and there. How much funding is there to be had? That too depends on the crowd and the raging success of our campaign on Crowd Supply. We’ll tell you when we tell you.

There will be celebrations galore!

Sign yourself up, sign your company up, sign your friend’s company up, and join Pitchlandia.

Be a part of what could be funding history. OR… just come drink some beer.

There will be beer.

It will be fun, fast, quirky, funky and more than just a little bit out of control.

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